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MBI Coil Tubing RCT Cut Published Date: April 6, 2020

A picture of an oil rig with a cut pipe using the mcr oil tools radial cutting torch - RCT

A picture of an oil rig during a pipe recovery job the pipe was cut with the mcr oil tools radial cutting torch - rct

MBI Energy Services 2” coil cut with MCR’s RCT cutting out at 15,000’ horizontal with sand around it. Made multiple cuts in pipe to brake the fish up.

Field Engineer Quotes from the Oilfield
 This ia a picture of an MCR OIl Tools Licensee MBI Energy Service Wireline Engineer Quote from a radial cutting torch - RCT Pipe recovery oilfield wireline operation.

2” coil inside 3-1/2 with a 1-1/4 restriction out sideways? No problem for a 1” RCT. Just when you think the impossible has happened the MCR RCT is there to be a smaller tool option to exceed the expectations of cutting pipe. 

Kolton King 
MBI Energy Services 
Wireline Field Engineer

All service companies MUST be Licensed & Certified to Run MCR OIl Tools for Pipe Recovery & other Well Intervention Operations using MCR Tool Systems.
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Material Eradication for Fishing Operations
A picture of the mcr oil tools axial pyro torch - apt This is a picture of a oil well fish flapper valve that was cut through demonstrating the effectiveness of the MCR Oil Tools Axial Pyro Torch APT Non-Explosive Non-Hazmat Cutting Technology

The Axial Pyro Torch APT is a Non-Explosive downward shooting torch cutter designed to eradicate stuck wellbore material during pipe recovery, fishing and other well intervention operations. Contact MCR Oil Tools for more information. 

Electro Mechanical Anchor - EMA

A picture of an oil rig with a cut pipe using the mcr oil tools radial cutting torch - RCT

A picture of the MCR OIl Tools Electro Mechanical Anchor anchoring an mcr rct cutter inside an oil well pipe.

MCR's Electro Mechanical Anchor is an electric line or slickline deployed anchoring device intended for use with MCR's pipe recovery and other well intervention systems.

With outside diameters (retracted) of 1-1/2”, 1-3/4“ and 2-1/2”, EMA’s effectively anchor tools for cutting tubulars from 2-3/8” to 7-5/8”. Anchor arm material and design allow for fixation within ALL tubular materials covered by MCR system specifications, e.g. Monel®, Hastelloy®, Inconel®, Chrome, and plastic coated tubulars.

MCR RCT Cutter

A picture of the MCR Oil Tools RCT Radial Cutting Torch Pipe Recovery Oilfield Tool

MCR EMA Anchor

          A picture of the MCR Oil Tools Electro Mechanical Anchor - EMA A Device for Pipe Recovery for Wireline and Slickline Operations in the Oilfield

APT Cutter

A picture of the MCR Oil Tools Axial Pyro Torch
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