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Generator Safety Sleeve GSS

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Pipe Recovery Safety System

A picture the mcr oil tools generator safety sleeve pipe recovery accessories for well intervention.

A picture the mcr oil tools generator safety sleeve GSS pipe recovery accessories for well intervention. - rct

When operations require “Electric Before Ballistic” tool string handling, MCR Oil Tools’ Generator Safety Sleeve is required equipment. By design, the Generator Safety Sleeve will safely dissipate all Thermal Generator energy if subjected to an unintentional Thermal Generator discharge.

Safely Dissipate all Thermal Generator Energy
Thermal Generator DISCHARGE ONLY! In the event of a Thermal Generator discharge into the GSS, the entire GSS must be discarded and replaced with a new system. Do not remove the security cable or brass tag; removal voids product qualification. Do not disassemble the GSS; internal components must remain sealed and properly oriented. Stow the GSS in its shipping container when not in use to avoid damaging the relief filter component and threads. Grease the o-ring surface prior to making-up the GSS to the generator sub pin end. Avoid using pipe wrenches; strap wrenches or hand application is preferred to avoid marring damage to the Aluminum housing. Each tool string requires a specific Safety Sleeve – do not alter threaded ends to accommodate other tools.
Axial Pyro Torch APT
The Axial Pyro Torch is the best kept secret in the oilfield. MCR engineers have recognized the flexibility, and increasing number of applications, for the APT. Well operators, service companies, and in particular, fishing companies will be happy to know there is a solution for metallic debris stuck in the wellbore. The Axial Pyro Torch is designed to be run down on top of the debris and burn thru it. Contact MCR Oil Tools Sales for an animated video that demonstrates a couple of very common examples fishing companies face routinely. In one, a BOP knife blade falls into the wellbore. In another, a sub-surface safety valve flapper becomes displaced. The Axial Pyro Torch eliminates both issues and gets the well back online quickly. Contact MCR Oil Tools to discuss the Axial Pyro Torch, a non-explosive solution for that troublesome fish that is hurting your productivity.
Material Eradication for Fishing Operations
A picture of the mcr oil tools axial pyro torch - apt This is a picture of a oil well fish flapper valve that was cut through demonstrating the effectiveness of the MCR Oil Tools Axial Pyro Torch APT Non-Explosive Non-Hazmat Cutting Technology

The Axial Pyro Torch APT is a Non-Explosive downward shooting torch cutter designed to eradicate stuck wellbore material during pipe recovery, fishing and other well intervention operations. Contact MCR Oil Tools for more information. 

MCR Oilfield Tool Licensing & Certifications
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MCR RCT Cutter

A picture of the MCR Oil Tools RCT Radial Cutting Torch Pipe Recovery Oilfield Tool

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