Axial Pyro Torch
The Axial Pyro Torch is the best kept secret in the oilfield. MCR engineers have recognized the flexibility, and increasing number of applications, for the APT. Well operators, service companies, and in particular, fishing companies will be happy to know there is a solution for metallic debris stuck in the wellbore. The Axial Pyro Torch is designed to be run down on top of the debris and burn thru it. This animated video shows a couple of very common examples fishing companies face routinely. In one, a BOP knife blade falls into the wellbore. In another, a sub-surface safety valve flapper becomes displaced. The Axial Pyro Torch eliminates both issues and gets the well back online quickly. Contact MCR Oil Tools to discuss the Axial Pyro Torch, a non-explosive, non-hazmat solution for that troublesome fish that is hurting your productivity.

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Available Training Courses and Locations

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