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A picture of an oil rig with a cut pipe using the mcr oil tools radial cutting torch - RCT

This is a picture of an MCR Oil Tools Research and Development custom project for a client testing dual completion wells for pipe recovery opations.

MCR performs in-house research & development on our product lines in support of our licensees.  Tell us about your custom pipe recovery or other well intervention project.  We can engineer or adapt an existing cutting tool for your custom pipe recovery operation.

MCR Oilfield Tool Licensing & Certifications
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All MCR Technologies are licensed for either domestic and/or International use.  The License is a standard legal document (Agreement) from MCR and signed by the user agreeing to conditions of payment of invoices, confidentiality of patented and proprietary information and trade secrets, and conscientious use of the RCT System. A reinstatement fee may be required if the Licensed company has its License revoked for the reasons stated in the License. Contact MCR Oil Tools for additional information on obtaining a License. 


MCR is committed to field safety and successful job completion.  All Licensees are required to receive proper training to become certified to run all of MCR’s Technologies.  Training consists of a one day session on the use and application, design and function, and assembly of the RCT system. After training is completed and the qualification test has been passed, MCR awards a Certificate of Completion, signed and embossed with MCR's official seal.

Available Training Courses & Locations

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Available Training Courses and Locations

Licensee Daya Maxflo RCT Pipe Recovery Operation

A picture of an oil rig with a cut pipe using the mcr oil tools radial cutting torch - RCT

A picture of an oil rig during a pipe recovery job the pipe was cut with the mcr oil tools radial cutting torch - rct

The MCR Radial Cutting Torch - RCT is a Non-Explosive Advanced Cutting Tool that can be deployed on Wireline, Slickline, Coiled Tubing & other Conveyance Methods for Pipe Recovery Operations.

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MCR RCT Cutter

A picture of the MCR Oil Tools RCT Radial Cutting Torch Pipe Recovery Oilfield Tool

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